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  • The college operates a fleet of 86 vehicles (buses, vans, and cars); reducing the number of vehicles from 110 over the past several years.

  • The buses provide the best fuel efficiency per person with a capacity of up to 45 passengers.  The college has 12-passenger vans, 7-passenger minivans, and 5-passenger cars in its motor pool.

  • The Transportation Department schedules vehicles for department use based on occupancy in order to maximize the number of passengers and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

  • Transportation staff members maintain the vehicles on a regular basis in order to maximize a vehicle's operational efficiency. Tune ups, tire pressure checks, oil changes, and brake maintenance are all part of a fleet maintenance schedule.

Shuttle BusShuttle bus route

  • The Shuttle Service now uses a minivan to serve the students on its route around campus.

  • The former Shuttle Bus serves the CASA program by transporting elementary students to and from the campus program.

  • Hope runs a ride exchange program for students to encourage carpooling; ride information is accessible through KnowHope.

  • The transportation department has reorganized its off-campus ride system to be a paratransit system in which rides are scheduled such that total milage is minimized by combining rides to and from locations near to each other.

  • For short trips in Holland, Hope recommends using the Macatawa Area Express bus (MAX).