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Waste Management 2016



Waste Management


  • The college has recycling programs for paper, metal, glass, and plastics for the student residence halls and apartments. Click here for information.

  • All of our cottages participate in the City of Holland recycling program managed by the city’s waste collection vendor. Click here for the City of Holland's website.

  • The college has office paper recycling available for all departments with the paper shredded and recycled into home insulation product (by an outside vendor).
  • We also recycle buildings – preferring to renovate existing buildings as opposed to using demolition in preparation for new construction even though new construction can be less expensive than renovation.

  • The college recycles and reuses building materials from renovation projects as much as possible in order to minimize landfill waste.
Graves exterior
  • The Transportation and Grounds Departments recycle all fluids from vehicle maintenance and keep the fleet in good running order, helping the vehicles be as fuel efficient as possible.

  • The college has a recycling program fluorescent bulbs and ballasts (8,034 bulbs in 2007, 17,436 in 2008, 6,801 bulbs in 2011, 8,244 in 2012, and 3,970 bulbs in 2013), transformers, and copper wire.

  • The college has teamed with Repcolite Paints Inc. to recycle its unused latex paint instead of sending it to a landfill. We currently recycled 48 gallons of latex paint that was no longer needed on campus.

  • Hope uses recycled latex paint that is color matched in cottages and other locations on campus.

  • You can drop off wet cell/rechargeable batteries at Physical Plant for recycling. Alkaline batteries (AAA, AA, C, D) are no longer recyclable since they do not contain significant levels of hazardous materials. This is a change in the production process for these types of batteries. They should be disposed of in normal waste containers.

  • All food containers at DeVos that are not compostable are recycled.

  • Hope donates mattresses that are still in good condition, and recycles what remains. in 2013, we recycled 158 twin mattresses.

  • Please visit this web page listing charities that will accept usable goods.